About the Journal

This proceeding is a published version of the papers of International Conference on Da’wa and Communication (ICON-DAC). This proceeding was published by Da’wa and Communication Faculty of State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Indonesia.

ICON-DAC is organized by the Da’wa and Commmucation Faculty, State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Indonesia. This conference is held for the birth of the grand design of Da’wa that combines all models, strategies, technics, and methods of communication under the core value of Da’wa Rahmatan li al -‘Alamin (Da’wa as the Mercy to the Worlds).

The first International Conference of Da’wa and Communication 2019 aims for:

  1. Sharing the ideas on concepts of Da’wa and civilized communication
  2. Becoming an effective forum for dialoguing Da’wa issues participated by all stakeholders among mass organisation representatives, activist (Da’i), people (Mad’u) and academics.
  3. Building an understanding on Da’wa and civilized Communication as an instrument of the grand design of human life.


International Conference on Da’wa an Communication 2019 has a theme: “Da’wa and Civilized Communication: Pious, Peaceful, Enlightening”.


  1. Da’wa for Building Social Harmony and Civilization
  2. Da’wa and the Challenge of Millennium Era
  3. Digital Culture and Islamic Communication
  4. Da’wa and Politics in South East Asia
  5. Islam and Identity in Social Media
  6. Da’wa Strategy based on Local Wisdom in South East Asia
  7. Walisongo as a Model of Successful Da`wah
  8. Da`wah and Community Engagement
  9. Counseling, Psychotherapy and Islamic Healing in South East Asia
  10. Masjid as a Center for the Great Islamic Civilization
  11. Gender Mainstreaming in Da`wah
  12. Peaceful Journalism as a Tool of Da`wah
  13. Islamic Institution and Its Social and Economic Roles
  14. Additional