Sharia Tourism Development Potential in Lunci Beach District, Sukamara District

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Ibnu Elmi AS Pelu
Laili Wahyunita
Nur Rizky Aulia Rahmah


The growing development of sharia-based tourism in several regions that have tourist destinations that support and are predominantly Muslim, as well as the increasing management of sharia tourism. This research focuses on two problem formulations: (1) Does the regional government's strategic plan for Sukamara Regency have priority in developing tourist areas? (2) What is the potential for Sharia-based tourism development in Pantai Lunci District? The type of research used in this study is empirical juridical with a descriptive qualitative approach, while the data collection technique is by conducting interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that (1) the strategic plan of the Sukamara Regency government has priority in the development of tourist areas because this is part of the local government policy contained in the medium-term development plan of the Sukamara Regency area and the role of the Sports and Tourism Youth Service and awareness groups tour. (2) The tourism potential in Pantai Lunci District has the potential to be developed into Sharia tourism. This can be seen from the people who understand sharia tourism. Most of the population is Muslim, prayer facilities are available and easy to find, the products presented are halal, and the community supports the development of sharia tourism.

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Normanisa, Ibnu Elmi AS Pelu, Laili Wahyunita, & Nur Rizky Aulia Rahmah. (2022). Sharia Tourism Development Potential in Lunci Beach District, Sukamara District. Proceeding of International Conference on Sharia and Law, 1(1), 78-84. Retrieved from