Perlindungan Hukum Investor Terhadap Perusahaan Yang Dinyatakan Pailit

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Pasca Zakky Muhajir Ridwan
Affandi Ridlwan
Hapsari Maharani Lesmana


Progress in terms of the economy is certainly growing by encouraging many changes in human life. The existence of the capital market has made various layers to be able to improve the welfare of the human economy. One of them is by investing in the capital market. In addition to providing various benefits, investment in the form of stocks also supports a country's economy and maintains inflation stability while remaining at an average and above average figure. People will compete to invest the assets they have to be expected to invest in the long term. One of the things that some people often encounter and do is to invest in a company with good and healthy company conditions. Investors will feel happy if they can get a place to invest that provides great profits for them, and on the contrary the company will also feel happy because he will get massive capital from investors who are also competing to be able to invest in the company they have and of course also with a fairly tempting nominal. However, investing in a company does not rule out the possibility that it will also experience major risks such as bankruptcy. Which with this will also cause losses to investors who have already invested in a company. So that this article aims to provide an explanation related to legal protection for investors when a company is declared bankrupt.

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RidwanP. Z. M., Affandi Ridlwan, & Hapsari Maharani Lesmana. (2022). Perlindungan Hukum Investor Terhadap Perusahaan Yang Dinyatakan Pailit. Proceeding of International Conference on Sharia and Law, 1(1), 86-94. Retrieved from

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