Focus and Scope

This conference aims to provide a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners and students in the fields of Political Science and Social Science to share ideas, latest research results and practical experiences in an effort to understand and overcome various political and social challenges faced by global society.

Focus and Scope

Global and Regional Politics:

  1. International policy dynamics.
  2. Global security issues.
  3. Diplomacy and international relations.

Social and Humanitarian:

  1. Gender studies and social justice.
  2. Community empowerment.
  3. Human rights issues.

Social Innovation and Sustainable Development:

  1. Socio-economic development model.
  2. Technology for sustainable development.
  3. Social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Local Politics and Community Participation:

  1. Local political case studies.
  2. Empowerment of local communities.
  3. Political education and public participation.

Multiculturalism and Social Harmony:

  1. Challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism.
  2. Social harmony and cultural integration.
  3. Religious studies and diversity.