Human Conflicts in the Drama "Ile" by Eugene O'Neill

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A. Dzo'ul Milal
Zata Ismah


This paper reveals the types of conflict apparent in the drama “Ile” written by Eugene O’Neill. Due to its inherence in human life, conflict is a fascinating topic to study because it makes the core of the dynamics of human life. Without it, life is like food without salt, and there is no point in struggling and changing. Using a discourse content analysis, the data taken from the utterances of drama script were thematically analyzed by implementing the textual and contextual interpretation. It was discovered that the kinds of human conflicts can be either manifested physically or emotionally between individuals or socials. The conflicts in the storyline of the play occurred between man and nature. Second, the conflict also happened between a man and another man. The manifestations of this later kind were both between individuals, namely man and man, and socials, viz. between a man and a group of men. It was concluded that conflict that is sourced from strong personal egocentrism and obstinacy and/or lack of tolerance and empathy would come to an end when approached with love and tenderness.

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