Manajemen Pembelajaran Tatap Muka Terbatas Pada Masa Pandemi Covid 19

  • Abdul Gofur IAIN Palangkaraya
  • Muzakki IAIN Palangkaraya
  • Fahmi IAIN Palangkaraya
  • Novita Safitri IAIN Palangkaraya
Keywords: Management, Learning, educators, face-to-face


This research examines the limited face-to-face learning management during the Covid 19 pandemic at SMA Negeri 3 Maliku, Pulang Pisau Regency, Central Kalimantan Province as a follow-up to the four Ministerial SKB regulations by reviewing the aspects of planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring; (2) The research method uses descriptive qualitative; (3) The research subjects were vice principals and teachers; (4) at the planning stage the school has prepared school facilities and infrastructure in accordance with the Covid 19 Health protocol. At the organizing stage the school principal has not carried out supervision or guidance so that the vice principal in the curriculum sector and the teacher council take the initiative to determine school policies and participate in trainings. In stage (Aktuating), based on the implementation of PTM Healthcare protocol, educators also always remind and urge students to adhere to protocol covid 19. Health in order to improve learning related knowledge teachers follow trainings While the monitoring stage (Controlling) in the process the implementation of the limited PTM, the vice principal together with other teachers enforce disciplinary rules, take action against students who have problems, especially the number of students who work to help their parents so they don't go to school.


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Abdul Gofur, Muzakki, Fahmi, & Novita Safitri. (2021). Manajemen Pembelajaran Tatap Muka Terbatas Pada Masa Pandemi Covid 19. Proceedings of Annual Conference on Islamic Educational Management, 3(1), 661 - 669. Retrieved from