Urgensi Manajemen Lembaga Pendidikan Islam Berbasis Kesehatan Mental

Keywords: Management, Islamic Educational Institution, Students, Mental Health


Mental health disorders are the main obstacle to the growth and development of students in the educational process and reaching a period of need for support from the family, school environment, and community to minimize the presence of students with health problems. Islamic educational institutions have a role in the management aspect, which can be carried out in stages according to the needs and goals set. This paper aims to describe the management of Islamic educational institutions based on mental health. The research method uses a literature study approach. Management in planning carried out by Islamic educational institutions is early detection of mental disorders of students and parents as a prevention effort, while promotive efforts are by conducting socialization about the dangers of stress, depression, emotional, and communication disruption. Building communication and collaboration with parents, medical personnel, counseling teachers, psychiatrists, and psychology is more important to map students at risk of health problems. The implication is that it is necessary to carry out periodic and continuous promotive and preventive activities to minimize students from mental disorders.


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