Konseling Islami Dalam Penyelesaian Problema Kehidupan

  • Andi Suhendra Siregar UIN Sumatera Utara Medan
Keywords: Islamic Counseling, Problem Solving, Live Problematic


Among the problems being faced by humans is widespread poverty. The complexity of problems in daily life continues to grow in accordance with the many conditions encountered. Those problems are in the form of family problems, frustration,fears, econimic competation, to deviant behavior. It could be a problem that arises due to factors in themselves and environment, workplace, partner, to association.One way out (problem solving) will help the problem is counseling. Islamic couenseling is one wise solution because islamic counseling focuses on solving problems from the psychological aspect throught qur’anic therapy and Islamic scienses. Islamic counseling is a form of handing problems that depart from existing problems and are directed throught the way of religious religiosity. In assessing the rpoblems faced, it is better to first examine how Islam views about the problems that exist in humans.once this is understood, it will proceed with arousing self-ability (power self) to solve problems throught a series that will provide a problem solving process. Both of these studies (Islamic counseling and life problems) are two inseparable sides of a coin. Because in counseling the point is problemm solving. Every human being must need these two elements. Becaue Human are creatures that can not be separated from complecitas problem. Anytime, and in any condition there must be a problem. For that, handling the problems must first knows the root of the problem, so that it will facilitate problem solving.


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