Structural Functionalism of Marriage Law in the Ahmadiyah Congregation as An Independent Socio-Legal System

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Nurul Asiya Nadhifah


Ahmadiyah congregational marriage is a legal phenomenon that deserves discussion; apart from Ahmadiyah congregational marriage, which has an independent legal system in its implementation, it also has strict restrictions; namely, members of the Ahmadiyah congregation are prohibited from carrying out marriages with non-Ahmadiyah people, especially women from the Ahmadiyah congregation. Meanwhile, for the Ahmadiyah congregation, men are allowed to marry non-Ahmadiyah members, provided that the woman must be a member of the Ahmadiyah congregation. This research is field research, which is also included in qualitative research, which seeks to explore the meaning, concepts, definitions and characteristics of the Indonesian Ahmadiyah congregation's concept of marriage using a phenomenological-sociological approach using structural-functional theory. Based on the research results, JAI marriages have been accommodated within an Ahmadiyah organization as evidence of structuring the social and legal marriage system through the Ristha Natanya bureau. In practice, firstly, JAI is required to be able to adapt to existing marriage regulations. Secondly, behind this adaptation is none other than to realize the goals systematically conceptualized by the Ahmadiyah Khalifat as the main interests of the organization. Third, JAI must be solid, namely that all Ahmadiyah members are accommodated with a patterned system, massive and systematic. Fourth, JAI is also required to merge with the culture, norms and rules around it. So that household resilience can realize organizational interests in the form of maintaining the existence of the organization.

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