Parent and Child Dialogue (A Study of Father's Role in Al-Qur’an Perspective)

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: The coaching and education of a child for the first time is from their parents. Their roles are who have the most important position in shaping the character of a child in the future. So that, good or bad future conditions of children, it depends on how their parents carry out education in the household. Discussion about how a mother's role in caring for and raising her children, has become a material that is too often discussed, and can be found in a variety of reading literature and fairy tales. While the role of fathers, especially in the development and education of their children is very rarely discussed. Though many verses that tell the figure of a father who became an actor in the formation of character and education of their children. This article tries to review the role of fathers in their childcare and education, so as to produce children who are  have good character in their adult age according to the Qur'an.

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