Criteria of Paper

1. The originality of ideas/approach and level of innovativeness
a. The ideas advanced in the paper are actually new.
b. For conceptual paper, the paper expands our understanding of a new domain.
c. The paper introduces new constructs or concepts that broaden our ideological understanding.
2. Relevance for the da’wa and communication disciplines
a. The paper addresses theoretical or empirical da’wa and communication problems.
b. The paper should be presented at a different discipline.
3. Quality of theoretical argument
a. The paper presents a clear, precise, and complete review of relevant literature.
b. The theoretical arguments engage the conceptual/empirical investigation appropriately.
c. The paper involves relevant public relations literature.
4. Quality of empirical or conceptual design
a. If the paper is EMPIRICAL
1) The methods are used to collect and analyze data appropriate to the research questions asked.
2) The data collection and analysis methods are clearly explained and without major flaws.
b. If the paper is CONCEPTUAL:
The author(s) provide a clear argument for why it is important to discuss, define, and/or question specific concepts, models, and/or ideas.
5. Quality of development and support for the propositions/hypotheses
a. If the paper is EMPIRICAL
The paper establishes a clear link between theory and evidence.
b. If the paper is CONCEPTUAL
The paper develops adequate and innovative propositions to clarify, define, and question core concepts in da’wa and communication fields and/or to develop a new theory or perspective.
6. Presentation: Coherence and clarity of structure and thought
a. Relevant terms and concepts are explained.
b. The paper has a clear line of argument.
c. The paper uses an accessible and comprehensible language.
7. Contribution to Da’wa and Communication theories building
a. The paper discusses possible implications for a new theory.
b. The paper clearly spells out its own original theory contribution.
(Scale: from 1 to 10 points)
Average grading: above 7,5: publishable with minor corrections, 6,5-7,5: minor revision, 6-6,49: major revision, below 6: rejected. For the reviewer, please assign the score for each item below.