Moral Values Toward Bailey’s Selected Short Stories: An Analysis of Pragmatic Approach

  • Andi Inayah Soraya Universitas Hasanuddin, Makasar, Indonesia
  • A. ST. Aldilah Khaerana Universitas Hasanuddin, Makasar, Indonesia
  • Rezky Ramadhani Universitas Hasanuddin, Makasar, Indonesia
Keywords: moral value; pragmatic approach; The Bird; The Little Boy Who Wanted the Castle; The Camel and The Pig


This research aimed to describe the moral values in Bailey’s selected short stories entitled The Bird, The Little Boy Who Wanted the Castle, and The Camel and The Pig. This research uses a descriptive qualitative, and pragmatic approach that focuses on readers’ points of view. The data were collected through a questionnaire given to school students in Makassar. This study also applied reception theory. In this case, readers are free to respond to a literary text, including reflection on moral value in the stories. The results of this research reveal that there are a lot of moral values in Bailey’s short stories, which the readers identify. The moral values are steadfastness, love and affection, kind-hearted, cooperativeness, bravery, humbleness, and thankfulness. This research results also show that most respondents significantly responded to the moral values using their experiences and feelings. Moreover, this research proves that reading literary works can be used as a teaching method, especially in teaching moral values to the readers