Utilization of Papaya Stem (Carica papaya L.) as a Nutritious Noodle Halal Product for National Food Security

  • dedy suprayogi
  • Tri Sunan Agung Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel
  • Dedy Suprayogi Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel
Keywords: Papaya Stem (Carica Papaya L.), Food Security, Nutritious Noodles, Halal Products


Indonesia has a variety of natural resources, one of which is papaya. Papaya stems contain carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and water content. The lack of utilization of papaya stems makes it a plantation waste because it is only left to rot. Coupled with the current state of national food security is worrying. Based on this, it was found that the innovation of using papaya stems (Carica papaya L.) into nutritious noodles for the sake of national food security. This innovation work aims to find out how to make noodles, noodle quality, nutritional content, and business opportunities. The procedure for this innovation of papaya stem noodles begins with observation, followed by product manufacture, organoleptic testing, nutritional content testing in the BARISTAN Surabaya laboratory, SWOT business opportunity analysis, and financial analysis. The results of the organoleptic test showed that the respondents stated that the noodles had a savory taste, flat shape, yellowish color, and smelled like noodles in general. The results of the laboratory showed that noodles contained 9.99% protein, 74.14% carbohydrates, and 0.75% fat. SWOT analysis business opportunities obtained the strength (strength) of easily obtained materials, weaknesses (weaknesses) limitations of production equipment, opportunities (opportunity) interest in the consumption of Indonesian noodles are high and become new innovations, as well as threats (threats) many noodle competitors. Financial calculations obtained a fairly large profit and the results of the BEP of capital will be covered in 2,5 months of production.

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dedy suprayogi




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