Meningkatkan Semangat Menabung Siswa Taman Kanak-Kanak melalui Media Kursi Cita-Cita

  • Nanik Linawati Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya
Keywords: saving, Kursi Cita-cita, kindergarten students


Children's lives are a world which full of dynamics. At that age the power of their imagination are at the highest level of intensity. Ideals are 'driving machines' for Kindergarten students to continue to be passionate in learning. Ideals will also help kindergarten students to focus more on equipping themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills. Visualization of the ideals of kindergarten students can be assisted by several teaching media, one of which can be assisted through the media that is named 'Kursi Cita-cita' (Dream Chair). 'Kursi Cita-cita' is made from a used gallon cap material and a straw. 'Kursi Cita-cita' are equipped with professional drawings that aspiring kindergarten students aspire to. The purpose of making 'Kursi Cita-cita' , which is to motivate kindergarten students to diligently study and diligently saving as a preparation of education funds to achieve their ideals. Observation results in the class show each student was happy when receiving the 'Kursi Cita-cita' which has equipped with their dream occupations. Based on the feedback from the kindergarten teacher, it is found that learning with 'Kursi Cita-cita' media is fun, effective, easy to understand the material of saving, and able to motivate kindergarten students to seriously learn and save.


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