Peningkatan Kemampuan Guru Madrasah dalam Melaksanakan Penelitian Tindakan Kelas di Probolinggo

  • Benny Prasetiya STAI Muhammadiyah Probolinggo
Keywords: professionalism, School, the act of class research


Teachers as a professional staff should have the ability to analyze problem that happens on the kids and it has become the study to solve problems students through ptk .But most teachers have not know enough to develop a proposal research class action .The low level of knowledge teachers in doing ptk is one of the problems need to be responded .Devotion to this community is meant to equip teachers ability to implement PTK. Devotion to the aims to make the most of teachers in understanding ptk and figure out how to arrange ptk good .The benefit of devotion it was teachers able to make proposals / proposals ptk good and in accordance with proper format, and giving the idea of follow up to be done by teachers after composing ptk proposals. Give purpose for teachers on the procedure writing research class action, so they motivated to write research class action.

As for the result of assistance and changes in conclusion as follows: 1 ) able to identify problems in learning in class. School teachers also able to to solve a problem by solusi-solusi that they consider strategic through the use of learning innovative method. 2) school teachers able to describe identification problems in the background problems and determine the title research will be research class action. School teachers also have being able to prepare the theory according to the title research will be implemented. 3) school teachers can arrange research procedure consists of planning, the research phase, observation and reflection. 4) school teachers able to carry out learning in accordance with the preparation of learning every cycle. 5) school teachers can arrange research reports class action in the scientific article.


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